Current Conditions

PST 4:00PM - June 16, 2014


Death Valley, CA

Timbisha Village

  • Pressure:
  • Min Temp:
  • Max Temp:
  • Dew Point:
  • RH:
  • Wind Direction:
  • Wind Speed:
  • Max Gust Last Hr:
  • Minutes of Sun Last Hr:
  • Precip. (1 Hr):
  • Min Temp (24 Hrs.):
    [NWS station]
  • Max Temp (24 Hrs.):
    [NWS station]
  • Precip. (24 Hrs):
    [NWS station]
  • Snow Depth:
    [NWS station]


Satellite Image

The satellite image shows the current atmospheric conditions over the Death Valley area, seen from 36,000 km above the surface. They are generated every 30 minutes. It is a combination of the visible and infrared channel from GOES-west.


Timbisha Shoshone Tribe

The Timbisha ("Red Rock Face Paint") are a Native American tribe who have occupied the Death Valley region of southern California for more than 1000 years.

View Live Feed Camera

Our 360-degree high-resolution camera shows the real-time weather condition at Timbisha village. You can also go back in time to find out how the weather was last week, month or year or download a panorama shot.

One of the Earth's Hottest and Driest Places

Death Valley holds the worldwide record for highest daytime air temperature as well as for highest nighttime air temperature, both confirmed by WMO. 

  • The highest daytime temperature of 134°F was recorded on July 10, 1913 at Furnace Creek.
  • The nighttime record is younger. On July 12 in 2012 temperature didn’t decrease below 107°F.